Finding that special gift

Finding that special gift

Every month or so we think, What the heck am I going to get for FILL IN THE BLANK's birthday or retirement or graduation or special event.   What you need to get for them is a Tribute Singalong and here's why:
  1. That special someone or group needs to see that some effort has gone into choosing and purchasing the gift.  It is easy to go and buy flowers or a bottle of wine but some gifts really go above and beyond and demonstrate that extra time and care has gone into organizing for this special day.  Imagine a Tribute Singalong for children, they would love the fun and attention!
  2. Often the gift needs to be easily delivered and not to someone living next door or down the street!   There needs to be consideration about how to get the gift to the person in a timely fashion.
  3. Often more than one person is paying for a gift, which helps to keep the cost down.  Using an e-transfer makes it so easy to 'chip in' and share the cost.    
  4. It is so special when a gift is a lasting memory and can be shared with the recipient's family and friends.  Special gifts make the receiver proud and touched and excited to share!

Tribute Singalongs meet all the criteria for a special gift.  The organizers take a little time to share details and pictures and choose a tune perfectly suited to the recipient.  They are distributed electronically so no running to the post office or UPS!   A group of people could collect funds to buy a group gift AND this gift will definitely be a lifelong memory to be treasured forever.  

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