Tribute Singalongs

Tribute Singalongs are personalized karaoke videos that include pictures submitted by you.  Here are some situations when a Tribute Singalong would work just perfectly!

  1. You need a special and unique gift for someone that has everything  Grandma has enough bottles of lotion, the boss doesn't need another bottle of wine, the new parents already have too many baby blankets.   Imagine if you presented them with a video that includes pictures of them, plus words designed for them, along with a tune that they know and everyone else knows.  They can sing along or listen and share it with anyone they like.  Now that's special!
  2. You have a special event and you want to make it memorable One of the most appealing aspects of Tribute Singalongs is the opportunity for active participation.  Imagine celebrating at a dinner party with a Tribute Singalong projected on a tv or computer screen so that people can sing along to celebrate someone's birthday.  Or a bridal shower that includes games plus a Tribute Singalong featuring pictures of the bride.  Or a school assembly with a song designed so that students, staff and community can sing along.  Some people will sing at the top of their lungs, some may dance along with wild abandon, and some may just watch and enjoy and that's all okay!  
  3. You experienced something as a group and want a shared memory Our extended family recently went on a holiday to Mexico.  We all live in different parts of Canada and had many photos between us.   A Tribute Singalong was perfect because the 6 households received it electronically and we could all enjoy the photos and words from all over the country.   We organized a Zoom meeting and sang it together and it was tons of fun.   You might want a shared memory of a trip, of a person, of a wedding just to name a few. 

Don't forget that a group of people might each chip in a few dollars to buy a Tribute Singalong, keeping the price minimal for an experience maximal! 

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