Your School Needs a Song!

Your School Needs a Song!

As we all know, singing together creates community and builds bonds plus it's just so much fun!   Students are back at school now and what better way to capture and promote the essence of a school than with a school song, Tribute Singalong-style!  How would this work you ask? Easy!

Go to   Provide details and pictures or simply provide your website and social media links.  Choose a tune that would appeal to students, staff and community members.   Voila!  Your school TributeSingalong will be delivered within six days.  

But now what?  Having been a principal in a number of elementary and high schools, I have learned that you can have a school song or a school mission statement or school beliefs but if no one knows them, why bother?  Here are ways you can utilize your school TributeSingalong, which in turn will promote your unique school values. 

  • Invite classroom teachers to project the TributeSingalong and sing the song with their students  This helps both staff and students to learn the song.   
  • Sing the song at a staff meeting, keeping it fun and connecting the words to values and beliefs that reflect ongoing discussions around school culture.
  • Incorporate the song into the music program at the school. The music teacher might want to add instrumental sections or harmonies that would make the TributeSingalong even more special.
  • Include the TributeSingalong at school assemblies and community events.  Parents and community members will get a kick out of singing along.  

You'll be envy of the area with your school TributeSingalong.  You can display the video electronically but once the community knows the song they can blast it out at games, parades and picnics.  Enjoy!

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