How long will it take to receive my Tribute Singalong? 

You will receive your order within six days, eg. order May 1 and electronically receive it six days later on May 7. If you choose a Custom tune it may take longer than six days.

What tune should I choose? 

Different tunes have different formats and so the the length of each Video varies slightly.  Listen below for a brief sample of each tune. If none of these appeal to you then choose CUSTOM and indicate the song you wish to choose. 

Alexander's Ragtime Band 2 minutes 5 seconds
Amazing Grace 1 minute 45 seconds
Auld Lang Syne 1 minute 35 seconds
Buffalo Gals 1 minute 10 seconds
Danny Boy 2 minutes
Don't Stop Believin' 2 minutes
Down By the Riverside 1 minute 50 seconds
Flowers 3 minutes 30 seconds
Greensleeves 1 minute 30 seconds
Hockey Night in Canada 35 seconds
Jingle Bells 1 minute
Jingle Bell Rock 2 minutes 
If I Were A Rich Man 2 minutes
Moondance 2 minutes
1999 3 minutes 
Oh Dear What Can the Matter Be 1 minute 50 seconds
Oh When the Saints Come Marching In 1 minute 5 seconds
Take Me Out to the Ball Game 1 minute 25 seconds
This Land is Your Land 1 minute 10 seconds
Twinkle, Twinkle/ABC 1 minute 
When I'm Sixty Four 1 minute
You Light Up My Life 2 minutes
CUSTOM--You choose the tune! Note that it may take longer than 6 days for a Custom Tune


How do I submit the information and pictures? 

Fill out the form on the website and upload the pictures. You will receive email confirmation of your order and will then be directed to the shopping cart Tribute Singalong Video and Lyric Sheet

What if I receive the song and changes are needed? 

See our Refund/Revision Policy. We will work with you to create something special and won't stop until you are satisfied! 

What are some tips for enjoying our Tribute Singalong at an event?

  • Consider sending the Video and Lyric Sheet ahead of time to at least some attendees so there is familiarity. There are always a few people who love this kind of thing and they will lead the rest! Just forward the email you receive to anyone you wish
  • Check technology ahead of time if you are using the Video at an event
  • It is sometimes fun to sing it again! They aren't long and the second time is even better
  • After the group has participated, the Video could roll with or without the music playing
  • One person or a small group may sing the song or a larger group may be invited to participate
  • The Lyric Sheet could be printed and presented to the person or group being celebrated
  • Assuming that the Tribute Singalong is a surprise, don't forget to forward to the person or group so that they can cherish their special tribute. 

What are some tips for enjoying our Tribute Singalong sent to others when we aren't together?

  • Send the email you receive to anyone you wish! You can also download it and text it
  • The Video will be visible on a phone but it tends to look better on a bigger screen (Good to enlarge it to full screen whether on phone, iPad, computer or larger screen)
  • Invite the people to sing along, either in their heads or out loud!
  • The Lyric Sheet can be printed for a memoir, using either colour or black and white print
  • If you live far apart consider setting up a Zoom or Teams session so you can enjoy together 
  • Sing it more than once--it only gets better each time!

We want to show our Tribute Singalong on a big screen, any technology tips?

Please see this video and the tips below:

1. Right click on the video
2. Open with QuickTime Player
3. Once the video is open enlarge it by pressing the green button in the upper lefthand corner
4. Drag the play button off to a corner so you can see the lyrics